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Warranty & Guarantee Policy

To provide you with an uninterrupted, luxurious sleeping experience, Royal Rest believes in giving you the best of bedroom solutions that meet the highest standards of domestic use. In order to do so, we have our Limited Warranty right at your disposal.

What Does The Limited Warranty Cover?
  • Body impressions that are greater than 2″
  • Loose coils or wires that are broken or protruding through the mattress fabric
  • Raw materials that are shifted or bunched
Additionally, What Does The Limited Warranty Not Cover?
  • Body impressions that are until 2″
  • Common wears and tears
  • Corner guards, Cover fabrics, handles, and pressure-relieving foams that are damaged due to reckless usage, temperature or humidity
  • Damage that is caused to the mattress due to jumping, smoking, eating or spilling
  • Odour that is caused due to from hair or body oil and bodily fluids of pets
  • Damage that is caused due to sitting on the edge of the bed or incorrectly moving/bending it
  • Damage that is caused due to reckless handling, set-up, or delivery of the product by the customer or outside contractors
If You Have Any Other Questions:

Call Customer Care on 800-ROYALREST or send us your comments and suggestions to info@royalrest.ae

For Further Queries And Feedback:

We’re always looking to improve your experience, and we welcome your open feedback. Send us your queries, comments and suggestions to info@royalrest.ae or call 800-ROYALREST