Sleeper’s Guide To Choosing A Mattress

Do you find yourself tossing and turning while in bed? If stress isn’t the reason, it could be a wake-up call to change your mattress. But, make sure you know your sleeping preferences before heading to the shop because a firm mattress sleeper won’t be able to sleep well on a soft mattress and vice versa.

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The mattress industry divides sleepers into four types:

  1. Front Sleepers – people who sleep on their stomachs,
  2. Back Sleepers – people who sleep on their backs,
  3. Side Sleepers – people who sleep on their sides, and
  4. Hot Sleepers – people who stay warm while asleep

Each of them needs a unique mattress that helps in the even distribution of body weight. Here is a rundown on the type of mattresses each of these sleepers should be using for a good night’s sleep.

Firm Range of Mattresses

Back sleepers just need the right mattress to help keep their spine in correct alignment when sleeping. Mattresses that are too soft or too hard can neither provide support nor absorb the weight of the buttocks causing their spine to bend over time. However, the medium-to-firm range of mattresses allows for even distribution of weight offering better comfort to back sleepers. Shop online from our firm range of mattresses.

Soft-to-Medium Range of Mattresses

Most people sleep on their sides and mattresses other than soft ones can harm their neck, shoulder, hip, and knees. Soft mattresses respond well to the protruding body parts of the side sleepers, lowering the strain on pressure points. They conform to the shape of the body absorbing excess pressure from the bumpy parts and offering the required upthrust to support the rest of the body. Buy online our soft collection of mattresses.

Medium Range of Mattresses

Stomach sleepers are more prone to waking up with aches and pains if they choose to sleep on a wrong mattress. They need a mattress that intelligently adapts to the body shape without putting pressure on their tummy and chest. Medium mattresses offer just the required absorption to allow the knees and stomach to sink in. Shop online from our medium range of mattresses.

Cool Range of Mattresses

Hot sleepers are unable to sleep, often disturbing their partner, tossing and turning the whole night. Since they are hot sleepers by nature, they can’t help it but radiate heat from their body. Moreover, the climate, mattress, comforter, bedsheets, and pillows, together contribute to raising their body temperature. However, there is a range of cool mattresses in Dubai that are just made for hot sleepers. With temperature control gel technology these mattresses maintain a balance in the body temperature of the sleeper. Shop online from our cool range of mattresses.

Mattresses are always made to meet individual requirements. Therefore, you must carefully identify your sleeping position to avoid future regrets. Not just this, there are a few more things worth considering before choosing to invest in a mattress. Read all about it in our next blog “how to choose a mattress for yourself!”