3 Surprising Benefits of an Orthopedic Mattress

Unless you’ve back pain and spinal problems or suffer from conditions like osteoporosis, it is unlikely that you have heard about orthopedic mattresses. Orthopedic mattresses are manufactured to offer adequate support to your spine, neck, and joints.

If you have a bad back, your body won’t be able to cope with the surface of an ordinary mattress, which causes discomfort and pain while sleeping. Whereas, an orthopedic mattress, as its name suggests, offers orthopedic or spinal support so one can sleep well without pain, thanks to its clever design.

Here are the three main benefits of an orthopedic mattress:

    1. Improves spine health: An orthopedic mattress is designed for your spine health. It gives you the necessary lumbar support to keep your spine in the correct alignment with your neck, improving posture. For those who suffer from constant back pain, ordinary mattresses put unusual pressure on the neck and spine thus aggravating the condition and further disturbing sleep.
    2. Provides even and gentle support to your body: Orthopedic mattresses have a firm built. They don’t sag like a hammock but provide uniform support to the weight-bearing parts of your body preventing your hip from sinking in. Unlike the common misconception, they are not at all rock-hard but comfortably firm and therefore, respond well with your body curves despite your weight and sleeping position.
    3. Helps reclaim restful sleep: A restful sleep becomes more and more difficult as your mattress ages. Moreover, if you are someone with joint pains, sleeping on an old or a wrong mattress not only causes you discomfort but also aggravates your condition. An orthopedic mattress distributes your body weight evenly on the surface and as a result, you don’t feel much stress on your joints and pressure points during sleep.


Owing to its many benefits, orthopedic mattresses are often sold by the name medical mattresses in Dubai. If your back pain is worsening night after night, consider replacing your mattress with an orthopedic mattress.