How To Choose The Best Pillow For Yourself?

Maintaining a correct sleeping posture is important for sound sleep and to wake up refreshed, without any cramps and sprains.

Did you know that the pillow you use plays a vital role in ensuring that your head, neck, and body are in perfect alignment while you sleep?

Without a pillow under your hand, your head can sink into the mattress putting immense pressure on your neck and shoulders. If you are a side sleeper, then this can leave you with a stiff neck in the morning.

The Connection Between Pillow, Sleeping Position And Mattress

Understanding your sleeping position is crucial before purchasing a pillow. Just as with the mattress, the pillow you choose to sleep on must complement your sleeping position.

For example, if you are a side sleeper, your pillow should necessarily be thick and firm enough to support your head, provided the mattress you sleep on is soft.

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Whereas for back sleepers, when they are sleeping on a firm mattress, a firm pillow can be a cause for snoring as their head bends toward their chest, blocking the air passage.

That means, just as your sleeping position, your mattress also dictates the type of pillow you should be using. Going by the rule of thumb, your pillow must be inversely proportional to your mattress, i.e. for a firm mattress, soft pillow, and vice versa.

However, the pillows recommended for back and stomach sleepers are thin and soft ones, which ensure that their body lies parallel to the mattress.

Which Type Of Pillow Is Apt For You?

Pillows are primarily identified by their fill and the most common among them are:

Down pillows: Down pillows are made of natural goose or duck down (undercoat). They are light, durable and the softest of pillows you can lay hands on in a store.

Viscoelastic pillows: Commonly known as memory foam, these pillows are hypo-allergenic and preferred by most of the sleep connoisseurs for their exclusive ability to self-adjust to the weight and shape of the sleeper. However, these pillows are on the firmer side.

Ultrasonic pillows: Known for their concealed stitching, they have a polyester filling, which makes them light and washable. They are also hypo-allergenic.

With 6-8 hours of daily use, your pillow is exposed to all sort of unhygienic conditions like sweat, saliva, dandruff, hair, and bacteria, which make it unfit for use past 2-3 years. Over time your pillow loses its bounciness and tends to become flat, which result in disrupted sleep and health issues.

A sound sleep is the sum total of three different ‘rights’ –  the right mattress, the right pillow and of course, the right mood. The absence of any one of these variables can come in the way of sound sleep. So, if you feel that the pillow you are using is worn out and due for replacement, go ahead and order a new pillow online today.